Entrepreneurs: born or made?

>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can entrepreneurs be made? I tend to believe so either.
Worth reading.

“Silicon Valley investors often have a picture in their heads of the type of person who is worthy of funding: young, brash, stubborn, and arrogant. They believe that successful entrepreneurs come from entrepreneurial families and that they start their entrepreneurial journey by selling lemonade while in grade school.
Entrepreneurs aren’t born, they’re made.
My team surveyed549 successful entrepreneurs. We found that the majority didn’t have entrepreneurial parents. They didn’t even have entrepreneurial aspirations while going to school. They simply got tired of working for others, had a great idea they wanted to commercialize, or woke up one day with an urgent desire to build wealth before they retired. So they took the big leap.”

Can Entrepreneurs Be Made?
By Vivek Wadhwa, TechCrunch


Social Media Strategy

>> Thursday, March 04, 2010

Worth reading. A simple post with 3 simple lessons that most of the people tend to forget.

“Companies large and small are rushing to understand and get involved in social media. But most of the agencies and consultants who are being paid to establish social media campaigns for corporations are afraid to tell their clients three things they don’t want to hear.”

3 Things You Need to Know About Social Media Strategy
By B.L. Ochman, Mashable


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Last 2 months have been the most hallucinating times of my life and all my effort (and time) have been spent in some important (big) steps for me – a new venture, a new country and, for sure, a different life.

The fact is no time left to update this blog, what I’m planning to resume from now on.

Welcome back!


Brainstorming startup ideas

>> Friday, January 08, 2010

Interesting posto. 7 key points to guide a discussion about a new startup idea.

"One of my favorite exercises is brainstorming startup ideas with other entrepreneurs. You can gain a lot of value from a fresh perspective. When “pitched an idea” for brainstorming or feedback I tend to go through the same 7 key points and questions each time. That tends to spur strong discussion, new ideas and new opportunities."

7 Key Points for Brainstorming Startup Ideas
By Ben Yoskovitz, Instigator Blog

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Follow-up can make your startup

Good point a very usefull advice. Do follow-up or you'll be reminded as the guy that doesn't follow-up (and your idea or company will be forgotten).

"I was with IBM in the early PC days when Bill worked with us to provide PC DOS and other software. He was relentless in his focus on getting a project done, and he always assigned himself the toughest tasks. At the same time, he was always pushing the limits of our business relationship with new ideas.
That’s the bar you should aspire to. I can think of several related aspects of starting and running a business where follow-up, or lack of it, can make or break your startup.
Everyone likes to be pursued, rather than the pursuer. There’s a reason that many people say that the fortune is in the follow up. When you follow up properly with people, your reputation will benefit, your business will benefit, and eventually your pocketbook will benefit as well."

Without Follow-up, a Startup Never Starts
By Martin Zwilling, Startup Professionals Musings

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