Startups: How far can you go before refill?

>> Friday, July 31, 2009

Worst reading.
It's a very good article that clearly shows how it's easy to burn money and compromises a startup. Also offers good advices on how to avoid it.

"Cash is the fuel of every startup. Your burn rate is the rate at which that money is being spent, and allows an estimate of how long you can go before refueling.
For obvious reasons, you need to keep your burn rate low. Here are some principles on how to do that, and help your startup to prosper and live another day."

Startups: Manage That Pesky Burn Rate
By Martin Zwilling, Startup Professional Musings

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Lessons from a venture

Truly valuable story from an entrepreneur who's venture will be shutting down soon.
I found many lessons everyone can learn from
I wish Marcelo good luck with next ventures!

"Just 20% of our users were on the target audience. That meant 80% were not building any kind of family or baby site. Ok, maybe we can live with that. But it turned out that more than 25% were by pre-teens. There are two problems with that: First, It’s actually illegal in the US and most countries to allow a younger than 13-year-old to sign up to your service without parental consent. Second, pre-teens are not a great audience to build an advertising-based business model.
Pretty much every Social Network-builder, website builder or content sharing site deals with the same issues we dealt with. A good number of entrepreneurs (and most investors) will be oblivious to those facts and just think that everything is going great and the growth is sustainable and proof they are creating great value and soon will be able to turn a huge profit or to sell for hundreds of millions of dollars, until someone takes the time to figure out what people are using their service for and finds out it’s really not what they thought it was."

The Little Secret of Web Startups
By Marcelo Calbucci, TechCrunch

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Iterative development

>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

Very good advice. Don't wait till have a perfect product; probably you will never have one...

"What I’m suggesting is that you forget the old concept of the “big bang” launch. Your strategy today should be to define and prepare the absolute minimum product that will excite a selected small segment of your intended customers, and roll it out to them – as a Beta, early promotion, or even a give-away.
Then you assess feedback, adjust your offering, and iterate until you get it right (have some very satisfied customers). Plan on multiple small launches, with iterations, rather than a big launch."

Startups: Launch Fast and Iterate
By Martin Zwilling, Startup Professionals Musings

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Employees has entrepreneurs

Very good. Entrepreneur training to all employees should be a must have.

"And by this I mean that they should encourage, teach, and empower them to act entrepreneurial, even as they perform the functions of their given job title. My belief is that entrepreneurial thinking and action leads to making decisions that are about getting results for the customer and the business in ways that traditional job training often stifles.
What if your business became known as the place where the best and brightest learned how to get more of what they wanted out of life?"

The Power of the Embedded Entrepreneur
By John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

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Rules for negotiation

>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clever; 4 steps for an effective negotiation.

"I've identified four "golden rules" to be the most helpful towards productive negotiation outcomes. The rules parallel different stages of a negotiation"

Four Rules for Effective Negotiations
By Anthony Tjan, Harvard Business Publishing

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Why and How to creat your own Social Network

Worth reading article. Introduces Ning and explores why and how to create a social network and explains how can small business benefit from it.

"Not content to live in the social networks of others, some small business owners have taken to platforms like Ning to create their very own social communities. Why would someone want to create their own social network when there are plenty of sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace available to jump on? Because when you own the community, it’s your brand that takes center stage. You get to control the content, to talk to new customers more easily, and to form one centralized location to host your living, breathing community."

Using Ning To Create A World For Your SMB
By Lisa Barone, Small Business Trends

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Framework to start your own business

>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recommend this article because it show how it can be simple

"Finding an idea for a business can be the hardest part. You have to weigh up a lot of variables:

  • Will this work for me?
  • Will people want to buy what I am selling?
  • Will I want to do this with my time?
  • Will it make the money I need?
These questions can’t readily be answered by anyone but yourself, however I am able to give you a few tips to guide you how to find that one idea that is right for you. The business idea that will make you love the business you choose."

Ideas for business
By Greg Soffe,

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New Must-haves for business owners

>> Monday, July 27, 2009

Interesting perspective about some new keys and a good advice for those who don't have.

"In tough times, it is especially good to be the rock star or to at least party with rock stars. If you have the gold, make your own hits. If you don’t have money and mojo, then find out who does and make some music together. Their “Midas” touch may turn out to be contagious! May you catch all you can!"

Money and Mojo: The New Keys to Small Business Success
By Andy Birol, Small Business Trends

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Online B2B Growing Strategies

5 recommendations to drive business growth.

"Companies that sell to other businesses (Business-To-Business, or B2B), know that there are certain aspects to their online marketing that take on added importance when compared to Business-To-Consumer, or B2C, online marketing.
In order to fuel business growth online, B2B firms should explore the following five killer B2B digital strategies:"

5 Killer B2B Digital Strategies
By Tom Now, StartupNation

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Excitment in the early days of a startup

>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

I believe that's really important a lot of excitement in the early days of a startup so I recommend reading this.

"In the early days of a startup company, the founders can rely on excitement and adrenaline to get the ball rolling. However, when the well of excitement and adrenaline goes dry, that ball suddenly feels extremely heavy. How do you go about staying excited about your startup?"

Staying Excited About Your Startup Company
By Stephen Kersey,


To-do list for Small Business

I say do it for a lot of reasons; also, but not only, to create word-of-mouth for your business.
Do it!

"Word-of-mouth starts with your story. Your brand story. That’s your story you give your customers to tell for you, about you, from their experience with you. It’s an unique story. You create a new version with each customer and each experience they have with you.
It’s a collaborative effort. They bring their story (their needs, their desires, the meaning they hope you provide, the solution you need to provide, their expectations, frustrations.) And you bring your story (your employees, their commitment, the resources you provide, your partners, your vendors, your purpose.) The two stories meld, or don’t, each time you two meet. Email, phone, website forum, ad, press release, little league sponsorship, service problem, billing error, lost order, missed shipment…cool innovation, surprises, testimonials.
Where your two stories meet is where word-of-mouth is created. Every time.
You can only control your story. Here’s a list of some, not all, the things you can do to create word-of-mouth for your business."

16 Things You Can Do Yourself to Create Word-of-Mouth for Your Business
By Zane Safrit, Small Business Trends


Challenges of starting your own business

>> Friday, July 24, 2009

Worth reading - good advice from Martin Zwilling

"Most entrepreneurs expect to face the “normal” challenges of starting a business, which include finding the right opportunity, building and executing a winning plan, and financing their venture. Yet I find that many of these intelligent and hardworking people get struck by some pitfalls that are often associated only with more traditional business jobs.
These are facets of entrepreneurship that often don’t rear their ugly head until well down the road. Yet before you start, you should think about what the impact might be on your psyche, and how to neutralize these challenges in your own plan:
Starting a company as an entrepreneur should be viewed as the beginning of a lifetime career, not a work project that you expect to be over in a few months. As such you should consider the long-term challenges as well as the short-term ones. Life is too short to end up with pain and regret after a “successful” career."

Entrepreneur: The Unanticipated Challenges
By Martin Zwilling, Startup Professionals Musings


What to blog about?

>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some Suggestions on where to find content for a SMB blog

"Blogging has changed marketing for the small business. It’s given us a way to talk alongside bigger corporations, to increase our branding, and to improve our search rankings with targeted blog posts. It’s also given everyone the same basic problem — we need fresh content. All the time. And that can be a big burden for SMB owners who already have their plates full."

6 Easy Sources To Find Blog Topics
By Lisa Barone, Small Business Trends


Empower your brand

>> Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Useful recommendations to empower your brand and improve your business

"Big brands, more often than not, have very deep/informational Web sites and have their share of other Web sites linking to them. These are two very important "signals" of the authority of these Web sites."
What Makes Your Web Presence 'Special or Unique'?
How are you going about your brand management? Part of doing well, organically, in the search engines is having a deep, informational Web site that has plenty of (good) links to it.
Today, it's possible -- even for smaller companies -- to build a big brand online at a greatly reduced price compared with what Coca-Cola had done through years of television, radio, and print advertising.
And, the nice thing about these "branding" efforts is that they can, at least indirectly, be measured as they impact your ability to rank in the search engines, gain quality traffic to your Web site, and grow your bottom line."

Brand Promotion Online -- Signals for Today's SEO
By Mark Jackson, Search Engine Watch

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Do you want an easy sell?

It's not so hard...

"Pick up the phone, ring all your current clients and previous clients.
What issues are they having? Can you help them? Maybe you can pitch an idea to them?"

The easiest people to sell to
By Ben Young, bwagy

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Time for Lessons Learned?

A very good lesson from Seth Godin - this is the time to evaluate and improve your business.

"The best time to do great customer service is when a customer is upset. The moment you earn your keep as a public speaker is when the room isn't just right or the plane is late or the projector doesn't work or the audience is tired or distracted. The best time to engage with an employee is when everything falls apart, not when you're hitting every milestone. And everyone now knows that the best time to start a project is when the economy is lousy."

Winning on the uphills
By Seth Godin, Seth's Blog

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Blog as an important tool for small business

For all - at least for those who need clients - blogging might be a good start.

"You already know that marketing is a must. No doubt you've heard that blogging is an important tool in your marketing toolbox. It helps you connect with potential customers, and it allows them to get to know you and your work.
If you haven't started blogging yet--or if you have but you're looking for blog inspiration--here's some advice from a pair of active bloggers."

Start Blogging Now
By Lesley Spencer Pyle,

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Obvious but ignored list of Don'ts for Entrepreneurs

May be an obvious list of don’ts but somehow is continuously not respected.

"many entrepreneurs don’t realize that there are things they should specifically avoid doing too. These are also duhisms, but somehow no one ever talks about them. Here is my list of the twelve most important things that entrepreneurs should not do."

A Dozen Don’ts for Entrepreneurs
By Guy Kawasaki, American Express Open Forum

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Trademark Brand Protection

5 simple steps to protect your brand name and your business.

"Trademarks are often some of the most valuable assets of a business
A trademark is a brand name, logo, or slogan that distinguishes your business’ products or services from those of competitors. Regardless of how big or small the business, the value and protection of brands is critical, particularly in the online word of today where domain names and user names (such as Facebook® and Twitter®) can be key to connecting with customers."

5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Brand
By Eric Pelton, Dumb Little Man

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The best reason to become an entrepreneur

>> Monday, July 20, 2009

Easy - to be happy!
This is more than a reason; it's an obligation.

"If you are like most of the world, you are working your butt off. You are working to save as much money as possible, so that one day (often after that magic age of 65) you have enough money to retire and enjoy doing the things that makes you happy. Well, I am here to tell you that is backwards. Instead of working yourself to near death so that you can be happy one day, try this: Get happy now!"

Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur
By Mike Michalowicz, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

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How is your brand?

And how helpful your brand as been to your business?
Worth reading article about principles behind a business brand. Also some tips about online branding and business.

"Do you really think that you have a strong enough brand and that it will not be lost in a crowd of competitors which are working in the same business as you are? What if you could become an expert and a person of authority in a niche and inspire customer loyalty? If this is your goal consider these four principles of online branding."
Another important benefit is, your brand has to fulfill some sort of benefit to the customer. Actually, a brand is a promise to provide the customer with a benefit. This is the only way to set expectations for your company to fill, so you better work on making some good promises if you want to impress your customers."

Business Online - Brand What Leads to Success
By Internet Marketing is Nuts!

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What kind of entrepreneur are you?

>> Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bright analysis and wise advice from Martin Zwilling

"Whichever business model you pick, you need to make a serious commitment to the effort, or you will likely fail. I have a friend who starts a new business every couple of years, sort of like a hobby. After a few months, she gets tired of the grind, or runs up against a couple of tough problems, so she rationalizes that the economy turned bad, or someone misled her, and she walks away. Not everyone is an entrepreneur. Look in the mirror first."

Startups: Different Types for Different Folks
By Martin Zwilling, Startup Professionals Musings

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Twittering for Business

Some ideas for what you should be tweeting about.

Twittering for Business
Video By Shawna Fennell,



The Anatomy of The Twitter Attach by TechCrunch

Not funny but worth reading story

"It’s clear that Twitter was completely unaware of how deeply they were affected as a company - when Williams said that most of the information wasn’t company related he believed it. It wasn’t until later that he realized just how much and what kind of information was taken. It included things like financial projections and executive meeting notes that contained highly confidential information."

The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack
By Nik Cubrilovic, TechCrunch

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Benefits of Dashboards according to Seth Godin

Funny but really smart thoughts of Seth Godin about the benefits of sharing dashboards.
If we all care about useless information, what about if you share information that really matter your target?

“Building good dashboards isn't difficult, but it's an excellent marketing strategy. A few brainstorms:
1.If you can add a digital dashboard to your service, do it.
2.If you can make the dashboard public, it gets more powerful.
3.Highlight data that changes behavior.
4.Allow the user to highlight the information that matters to them.
I'm not focused on digital companies here. If you can add a dashboard to a payroll company or a sleep measurement device, you can add one just about anywhere.”

By Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog

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Small business guide to online promotions

Guide from tonetek BLOG with a few ideas for first steps in online marketing.

“Let’s say you’ve got a business and you have to boost selling.
Let’s additionally say that you would like to start a business but don’t have an promotion budget.
How can you get the word out? What are the benefits of Internet promotion?
There is no other way to get through to as many people as you can on the Web. In today’s world, especially in the western world and gradually more in other places, people are going to the Web to discover what they desire and require. That means if you own a business website, a blog, an article, or any real presence on the world wide web, you are more likely to reach the consumers that are looking for what you are selling.”

The Benefits Of Online Promotion - A Small Business Owner’s Guide
By Tonetek BLOG

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Small business resources – Online data backup

Dropbox, a simple online data backup, sync and share service, with both free and paid plans.

Recommended by Gecko&Fly

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Dropbox wesite


Myths of Strategice Planning and small business

>> Saturday, July 18, 2009

Worth reading. Ten dangerous myths of strategic planning

"CEOs of small businesses often appear to believe in myths surrounding the subject of strategic planning and execution - myths that can prove dangerous to the health of their organization."

The Ten Myths of Strategic Planning
By Skip Reardon, Be Excellent

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How do you want to do it?

A simple law can make a big difference.

"If you use the same ineffective approach on one thousand people, it's not going to start working better just because you use it more often."

The law of the little shovel
By Seth Godin


Tools for Start-ups

>> Friday, July 17, 2009

A list of tools for startups

10 Free (or Cheap) Tools for Start-ups

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Simple (and good) lessons to leverage your business with Twitter

A very smart explanation of how business can and should use Twitter.

“Twitter may not be the sole driving source (no pun intended) behind the growth of street food vendors—undoubtedly the economy has done its part to encourage the otherwise unemployed to find an inexpensive way to make a living. But, nonetheless, a growing number of street vendors have been leveraging Twitter in innovative and interesting ways, serving up lessons for any business.”

8 simple steps!

Tweetable Eats: What Street Vendors Can Teach Big Business About Twitter
By Ann Handley, Machable

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How to successfully tweet

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

A very useful post about how to effectively tweet, attract followers and generate impact in your business.

“The key to making your tweets more useful in this fashion is to employ one of the many twitter metrics tools cropping up daily. These tools allow you to understand how the twitterverse is reacting to your tweets. Basically they are link tracking tools that shorten links and give you a dashboard report on clicks and retweets and the like for each of your tweets. Having this kind of data allows me to do a few things of interest.”

How to Make Your Tweets More Useful
By John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

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Are you a believer?

I couldn’t agree more - Business success begins in the mind of the startup founder and his team.
I remind me from time to time, “More often than not, those who win believe they can”.
(I recommend also not forgetting “Quitters Never Win. Winners Never Quit. But those who never win and never quit are idiots.”)

“When you decide to start a business, the place to begin is in your own mind. Take a hard look at your drivers, and those of every member of your team. That’s the only way your chances of success will be definite and real, instead of just a wish and a prayer.”

Startups: Business Success Begins in the Mind
By Marty Zwilling, Startup Professionals Musings

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Are you sure your website is clear about what you do?

A simple recommendation from Greg Digneo (More Caffeine Please) for those who simply have “The highest quality products”.

“We provide the highest quality products to our clients.” To this I say great!
Who are your clients and what do your products or services do for them?”

Does your website make this mistake?
By Greg Digneo, More Caffeine Please

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A good idea

"Got five minutes? Got a cell phone? Want to do good?"

The Extraordinaries: Will Microvolunteering Work?
by Linton Weeks,

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Can someone find you on Google?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and small business

“By investing in SEO, you allow your company to show up for those targeted local searches, while also putting yourself in the position to compete with the big dogs.

Here’s what a lot of small businesses don’t realize about SEO.”

Why SMB owners should care about SEO
By Lisa Barone, Small Business Trends

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How to grow a business with Twitter

>> Wednesday, July 15, 2009

“We all know that social media is changing the way we do business. Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social media sites, and with good reason. Not only is it easy – but it can help grow your business. Here is some information on Twitter, and how you can use it for business.”

Top Five Types of Twitter Messages to Grow Your Business
By Margie Zable Fisher, Small Business Trends

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Blow up a factory?

I don’t know what to say…

French Union: Pay Us, Or We'll Blow Up the Plant
By Carol Matlack, BusinessWeek

“Now, unions at a bankrupt auto-parts factory are threatening to blow the place up unless its two principal customers, Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroën, fork over some $14 million in severance payments to workers.”

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Déterminés, les New Fabris réitèrent leurs menaces

"Les salariés de l'usine en liquidation New Fabris à Châtellerault (Vienne) n'entendent pas céder. Ils ont répété, lundi 13 juillet, qu'ils étaient "capables" de faire sauter l'établissement s'ils n'obtenaient pas une prime de licenciement de 30 000 euros, qu'ils réclament à PSA et Renault, anciens clients du site, et à Bercy. "Est-ce qu'on est capables de faire sauter l'usine ? oui, on en est capables", a affirmé lundi Guy Eyermann, délégué CGT et secrétaire du CE, lors d'une assemblée générale réunissant une centaine de salariés dans l'usine occupée depuis plusieurs semaines."

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Optimistic outlook

I’m optimistic; seems like two-thirds of respondents of a recent survey feel the same.
Time to learn and prepare the turnaround?!

Survey: Entrepreneurs are Optimistic
By Ray Silverstein, Entrepreneur

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What to learn from #moonfruit campaign

>> Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Like it or not, moonfruit became a Twitter trend. What to learn from #moonfruit campaign?

“On June 30th, Moonfruit decided to celebrate its 10 year anniversary with a contest giveaway. Ten Macbook Pros would be raffled off for a series of 7 days (originally 10) via a random drawing. To win one, all you had to do was tweet the phrase #moonfruit and follow the company’s Twitter account to wait for the daily winners to be announced. The terms were simple and the prize very attractive. Prepare for takeoff.”

What Can SMB Owners Learn From #moonfruit?
By Lisa Barone, Small Business Trends

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Internal Drip Marketing Campaign

>> Monday, July 13, 2009

Why not?

"Basic job functions are usually about the only thing that’s taught, but everything else that’s going in the company, important as it may be to the total engagement of the team, is often left to chance after the first day of orientation.

Why not set up a series of emails delivered over a 90 day period to each new hire do things like:
  • teach important product and service features
  • share detailed information about the ideal customer and core differentiators
  • contain real live customer success stories and testimonials
  • outline the marketing plan for the coming year
  • feature other staff members and their stories"

Applying Drip Marketing to Your Staff
by John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

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Not easy to expect the impossible

“If you have been laughed at, joked about or ridiculed, I congratulate you. In fact, I applaud you. You clearly have a new, different or better venture at hand. Now you simply need to have the guts to stick it out.”

Have You Been Laughed At? I Hope So!
By Mike Michalowicz, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

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Are you looking for a nice place to work or start a new business?

I say The Hub might be the place.

"The Hub is about the power of people with ideas. It’s about the audacity, optimism and drive of the people who believe they can change things. Change minds, change lives, and ultimately change the world a little. This is the thing. Another world is not just possible, it’s happening. People from every profession, background and culture are being united by one thing - the imagination and drive to pursue enterprising ideas for a radically better world. These are the people who see and do things differently. The entrepreneurs, the executives, the policy-makers, the freelance professionals, the community leaders. The Hub is becoming the place they call home.

Hubs can be found in cities all over the world. They are places to work, meet, innovate, learn and relax. They are designed for people who crave the inspiration, resources, knowledge, connections and investment to start and grow new ideas.

In the same way that an ecosystem is about the interaction of living things with their environment, the Hub is about the power of inspiring places where new connections, relationships and initiatives can evolve, adapt and thrive."


Who whants to own a bar?

>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

An idea I love: MyYourOur Bar London

With a small lifetime membership (£175), each of +2000 members will own a bar.


What's your excuse?

"The timing will never be right, you’ll never be as ready as you’d like and the conditions are never going to be as perfect as you’d wish, so stop giving yourself excuses and don’t let one more second of your life go by without fighting for what you want. Take action now and build the business of your dreams."

7 Excuses People Use NOT to Start A Business

by Zeke Camusio, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur


Sales growth strategies

"Business start up during a recession is a daunting task, but there is no better time! A business that can start and survive in more difficult economic environments can survive most anything.
As investment risk for start-up business is much greater during a recession and fast growth is essential. Therefore, sales strategies must reflect these initiatives for growth. This may be easier than you think."

Sales strategies in a recession
by Annie Monk,

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Money may not be the only way

>> Friday, July 10, 2009

Money may not be the only way

"The fundamentals of leadership are the same in good times and bad. But when the going gets tough, these principles can be the difference between success and failure."

Entrepreneurs: Motivate People Without More Money
By Martin Zwilling, Startup Professionals Musings


Relevance is the key word

“Email marketing is all about customer retention. It’s about building stronger relationships with customers who already know you and decided that, yes, they want to keep hearing from you.”

Email Marketing Success Is About Relevance
By Lisa Barone, Small Business Trends

Though it may sit in the shadows of today’s shiner marketing techniques, email marketing continues to be an effective, low-cost way for SMB owners to reach out to, inform and retain current customers. In fact, according to new numbers from Forrester Research, email marketing will reach $2 billion by 2014. And that’s a very good thing.

Email marketing is effective for one simple reason: Customers like receiving targeted messages from companies they care about. They like when they’re emailed about things they’ve already shown in an interest in. And that’s where the email thrives.


Twitter may be more than small talk

5 Ways Twitter Can Save You Money
By Josh Catone, Mashable

“Twitter is much more than just a platform for idle chatter. Many people are getting real utility out of the service, using it for things like being more productive, finding a job, getting customer service, and it can even help you save money. That’s great news at a time when the economy still hasn’t fully recovered and layoffs continue to pile up. Everyone could do with a little extra money in their pocket and anyone — regardless of how many followers they have — can put Twitter to work to cut costs, be more frugal, and save money.”


Tracking Twitter

Track Your Tweets
By Marshall Sponder, Entrepreneur

"Twitter is the easiest form of social media to measure, so make sure you're getting the most from it."

Full Story


Business wisdom!

Perfection in business is a mythical illusion.

Perfection is the Enemy of Good: Why Seeking Perfection Can Actually Decrease Your Results
By Zeke Camusio, Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Blog

"You sit at the computer trying to find the perfect graphic to match your well-crafted website article. However, you just spent three days on that that project because you were obsessed to get it “just right.” Do you realize you could have spent that valuable time networking and prospecting new clients?

Perfection in business is a mythical illusion. Even Donald Trump and Bill Gates make mistakes but they learn their lessons and move onto the next project. Trump and Gates are successful because they know where to focus their time and energy, yet they also know when to call it quits."


A tribute to a long-term strategy

Love Your Product and Live Longer
By Rosabeth Moss Kanter,

“Daniel Carasso, former head and still honorary chairman of Groupe Danone, died peacefully in his Paris home in May at the ripe old age of 103. This longevity is a tribute to a lifetime of yogurt.”


Social Media Damage Control

How to minimize the Damage, by Sharlyn Lauby, Mashable

5 Steps for Successful Social Media Damage Control

"What steps to you take to keep negative social media damage to a minimum?"


What’s your story?

Good advice from Greg Digneo, More Caffeine, Please

Do you compete on price?
"Your market position is the story you tell your potential customers that makes them want to buy from you, and not from one of your competitors."

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Be an Employee Before a Founder

>> Thursday, July 09, 2009

Smart advice from Marty Zwilling, Startup Professionals Musings

Startup: Be an Employee Before a Founder
"For those of you who want to get in on the ground floor of a new venture, but haven’t yet worked up the nerve to start your own, begin with a job at a startup. But first you should ask yourself if you are prepared for the realities."

Must read full story!


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