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>> Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Useful recommendations to empower your brand and improve your business

"Big brands, more often than not, have very deep/informational Web sites and have their share of other Web sites linking to them. These are two very important "signals" of the authority of these Web sites."
What Makes Your Web Presence 'Special or Unique'?
How are you going about your brand management? Part of doing well, organically, in the search engines is having a deep, informational Web site that has plenty of (good) links to it.
Today, it's possible -- even for smaller companies -- to build a big brand online at a greatly reduced price compared with what Coca-Cola had done through years of television, radio, and print advertising.
And, the nice thing about these "branding" efforts is that they can, at least indirectly, be measured as they impact your ability to rank in the search engines, gain quality traffic to your Web site, and grow your bottom line."

Brand Promotion Online -- Signals for Today's SEO
By Mark Jackson, Search Engine Watch

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