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>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

I say do it for a lot of reasons; also, but not only, to create word-of-mouth for your business.
Do it!

"Word-of-mouth starts with your story. Your brand story. That’s your story you give your customers to tell for you, about you, from their experience with you. It’s an unique story. You create a new version with each customer and each experience they have with you.
It’s a collaborative effort. They bring their story (their needs, their desires, the meaning they hope you provide, the solution you need to provide, their expectations, frustrations.) And you bring your story (your employees, their commitment, the resources you provide, your partners, your vendors, your purpose.) The two stories meld, or don’t, each time you two meet. Email, phone, website forum, ad, press release, little league sponsorship, service problem, billing error, lost order, missed shipment…cool innovation, surprises, testimonials.
Where your two stories meet is where word-of-mouth is created. Every time.
You can only control your story. Here’s a list of some, not all, the things you can do to create word-of-mouth for your business."

16 Things You Can Do Yourself to Create Word-of-Mouth for Your Business
By Zane Safrit, Small Business Trends


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