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>> Monday, August 24, 2009

(or the most difficult challenge)
Worth reading!
A very good post and a framework to thing (about) innovation.

"Ask yourself: is our organization already committing enough energy to innovation and strategic renewal? Will we be overtaken by what's next or will we create it? Could our senior executive team clearly articulate the three to four strategic ways in which we intend to reinvent our company and our industry over the next few years?
Organizations typically devote most of their energy to improving what they are already doing, rather than to learning about the future and creating what's next. Whenever this happens, a company is living on borrowed time.
What we need to do is siphon away some of the time, effort and bandwidth that usually go into execution, and reallocate it to understanding deep change and to generating new ideas and opportunities for growth. We need to put learning, creativity, and innovation at the top of the business agenda."

What Next?
By Rowan Gibson, Blogging Innovation

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