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>> Thursday, August 13, 2009

Innovation doesn't mean necessarily to totally create something completely new. Most of the times, the innovation track of a company may be (or must be) focus on promoting something different across their business models, creating competitive advantages by the unconventional way they meet customer needs.
Worst reading article about beyond Product Innovation.

"One of the problems with innovation is that, in any given industry, it can get harder and harder over time to come up with the kind of ideas that totally reinvent things in a fundamental and significant way.
Because, when everything else is the same, you have to innovate around whatever you have left.
Think about how you might be able to design your whole business model from the customer backward, looking at each and every component as an opportunity for innovation and competitive advantage. When you start to unpack your business model in this way, you will invariably discover lots of ways to dramatically redesign what you do - and how you do it - in order to create new value for the customer."

Beyond Product Innovation
By Rowan Gibson, Blogging Innovation

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