A great idea is not the only path to a new venture

>> Friday, November 20, 2009

I wouldn't say "Stop Innovating" but I can see a good point in the article.
You don't need a great idea to create a new business. A "little twist on an existing idea" with good execution might be what's necessary for success. 

"If we want more entrepreneurs, stop worrying about jumpstarting innovation. Focus on "minnovation."
In reality, the vast majority of real-life entrepreneurs around the world aren't innovators. They're minnovators — mixing small parts of novelty and creativity with huge helpings of flexibility scrappiness and a generous portion of hard-driving execution. 
Public officials from Colombia to New Zealand are hoping to create the next Silicon Valley by building modern "innovation centers" for entrepreneurs. But that tactic may unwittingly backfire: overemphasis on innovation as the pillar of entrepreneurship could actually stunt entrepreneurial growth."

Entrepreneurs: Stop Innovating, Start Minnovating
By Daniel Isenberg, Harvard Business Publishing

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