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>> Friday, November 13, 2009

Worth reading; a collection of leadership lessons from two former marines.

"True, there are some leadership rules in the Marine Corps that don't apply to the civilian world. For instance, if you can't do at least 15 pullups you are a terrible lieutenant and you'd better hit the gym; most CEOs don't need to worry about this.
But many of the most important lessons we've learned are simply about leadership and how people respond to it. These should be as useful in the office as they were in Iraq.
Also, as everyone knows, the keys to success are hard work, singleminded focus, intelligence, creativity and passion. This article is not about those things. We assume you have them, and instead offer some simple, practical rules you can follow to do a better job leading other people to follow your vision."

Lessons From The Battlefield
By Timothy Saint and Nicholas Smith, Entrepreneur

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