What's right in your company?

>> Thursday, November 19, 2009

Very interesting post. Remind us that, probably more important than finding what went wrong and fix it, finding what went right and concentrate on that is a key to company's competitive advantage.

"In looking for improvements and innovations we tend to focus our attention on what went wrong. We try to fix problems.
However, by focussing our attention on the negative we miss the innovation opportunities presented by the positive.
In addition to fixing what is wrong we should spend time examining what is right. Look for success stories, talk to delighted customers, ask them what makes us better than the others and then build on that. Find the right partners to compensate the areas where we are ordinary or weak and free up time to find creative new ways to exploit our strengths. We need to find unexpected and unusual things that we do really well because they can give us the competitive advantage we need."

Nurturing Innovation by Focusing on What Went Right
By Paul Sloane, Blogging Innovation

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