Innovation: Clean your mind of "old think"

>> Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Must Read post about innovation and how your knowledge may be an obstacle to innovation.

"We are a race of innovators – born to use our imagination to create not only solutions to our most pressing problems (polio vaccine) but to also create the fun in our lives (pet rocks).   We only have to look as far as our kids to rediscover that fundamental draw to use our imagination to create something out of nothing.  Children are naturally superb innovators. They can create the most amazing toys from normal household items. Who would have thought of all the uses for a paper towel roll?
What we “know” is a greater obstacle than what we don’t know. But clearing our minds of our old thinking habits is as difficult as pushing all of the air out of a room."

Stupid Wins in the Game of Innovation
By Phil McKinney, The Blog of Phil McKinney

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