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>> Monday, December 14, 2009

I share this with everyone interested in make something happen.
Seth Godin published a new (free) ebook with a collection of ideas from several big thinkers.
I personally salute Seth Godin, all who directly contribute with ideas for the ebook and all others that, around the globe, have been thinking and sharing ideas after the release of the ebook.

My personal thought and what matters for me now is Happiness!
Don’t waist time doing something you don't like if you believe you can do something great.

What Matters Now: get the free ebook
By Seth Godin

"Here are more than seventy big thinkers, each sharing an idea for you to think about as we head into the new year. From bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert to brilliant tech thinker Kevin Kelly, from publisher Tim O'Reilly to radio host Dave Ramsey, there are some important people riffing about important ideas here. The ebook includes Tom Peters, Jackie Huba and Jason Fried, along with Gina Trapani, Bill Taylor and Alan Webber.
Here's the deal: it's free. Download it here. Or from any of the many sites around the web that are posting it with insightful commentary. Tweet it, email it, post it on your own site. I think it might be fun to make up your own riff and post it on your blog or online profile as well. It's a good exercise. Can we get this in the hands of 5 million people? You can find an easy to use version on Scribd as well and from wepapers. Please share."

Get the ebook here or at Seth Godin's original post.

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